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An oh so sweet and petite
Border Collie!

Ace sitting

Stella is being fostered in central CT


Meet Stella!

[page updated 06/14/2023]

From Stella’s Foster Mom:

Stella is a very sweet girl! She is a one year old Border Collie mix. Very petite at 30 lbs. She loves being close to her person. She loves hugs and cuddles and will give kisses. She LOVES children! Her excitement is still over the top, but she is learning and getting better every day.

She is a special young dog who has had few life experiences. Everything is new! She is getting better walking on a leash with a front clip harness. Because of her initial aversion to the crate, I’ve used a harness and seat belt in the car and she rides like a champ, even on long outings.

 Stella has a wonderful play style and loves having canine friends to play with. She really wants to meet the cat, but in typical feline form, the cat is not interested. Stella loves toys! Squeaky toys, chew toys, you name it! And she is always up for a game of tug.

Stella loves to run! She plays hard, and when she’s done, she sleeps hard.  I have a dog door, which she learned to use in record time. She has chosen one spot outside where she goes to do her business and she never has accidents in the house. She has gotten very good when we go out visiting and will wait until we go outside.

Stella is semi crate trained. She will joyfully go in for a meal or a treat, but is very vocal if left alone while I remain in the house. I give her a loaded kong and chew toys in the crate when I leave the house. She is vocal as I leave, but does quiet down and remains quiet for a while. She does not do well though, being left alone for long periods of time. At night in the bedroom crate, she stays quiet all night long. Such a good girl!

Stella is a thinker. She knows I do not want her to jump and you can see her working through it and deciding to sit instead! Of course, it’s a work in progress:)

Stella came to ECHO from the Manhattan ACC where she was reported as having seizures in the shelter. ECHO has had Stella under a Neurologist’s care and she has been diagnosed with Toxoplasma, which is not transmissible to people or other pets.  She is currently being treated and has shown amazing improvements! She has had no seizures and the weakness on her right side is lessened to almost being undetectable. We expect a complete recovery.  Her new family will need to commit to continuing her medication and follow up care.


She’s not a car barker. That’s just a yawn, but too cute not to post!

Whoever adopts this special girl is getting a gem! She is full of life and full of love and gives her all to her people.

Stella is UTD on shots, HW negative and can be spayed in approx 1 month.

Stella will need an active family/hiking partner.

Please note that no meet & greets will be set up until there is a fully approved adoption application.
If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

If you are interested in Stella,
please Fill out the Adoption Application

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